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Child Tax Credit

21.02.2012 01:46:24

If you have children aged 17 and less, you can get a child tax credit worth as much as $1,000 per each child. Such credit allows you to reduce your tax bills proportionally to the amount you get as a child tax credit. For example, if you have 2 qualifying children, you can count on tax refund in the amount of $2,000. Be prepared to pay more if your income becomes higher than the requirements listed on the IRS website.

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How to Get a Credit Card

20.02.2012 05:57:40

With such a variety of credit card options offered by different banks, the choice of the best solution may turn to be a rather daunting task. The choice may be overburdened by the fact that some banks offer up to 20 different credit cards with different interest rates and terms. How to get a credit card that meets your needs? It’s easy as a-b-c. Apply now, compare credit cards from different banks and choose the best option.

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Loan Amount

01.06.2011 14:21:50

If you look at the posters advertised by so many banks, you will only see your monthly payment amount as well as the time it will take you to pay off your loan. The interest rate is usually fine printed somewhere at the foot of the ad. However, you won’t find there the total loan amount that you will need to pay. If this is a problem to you, you can take the benefit of using one of many loan amount calculators that will show the actual amount of your loan.

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Portfolio Loan

31.05.2011 12:30:55

A proper portfolio loan management is one of the main criteria for the successful operation of a banking institution. Such management involves one person or a team that assures that loan portfolios stay within acceptable risk levels. It is very important to understand all the risks before taking serious financial steps and accepting a loan option.

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Gross Income

30.04.2011 08:20:44

Normal functioning of an enterprise is only possible when products (goods or services) are demanded by consumers and sufficient value is obtained in the form of cash equivalent . This money is needed for the company to sustain the reproduction and replenishment of financial resources that constitute its gross income.

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