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10.05.2011 15:08:58

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Gross Income

30.04.2011 08:20:44

Normal functioning of an enterprise is only possible when products (goods or services) are demanded by consumers and sufficient value is obtained in the form of cash equivalent . This money is needed for the company to sustain the reproduction and replenishment of financial resources that constitute its gross income.

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Gross Domestic Product Definition

19.03.2011 07:45:29

The fact is that gross domestic product plays a significant role in any economy. It is a crucial factor that shows whether the economy is in its growth or recession. Therefore, many economists define gross domestic product percentage based on a certain time period. This helps in finding prompt solutions and preventing the economic decline.

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Gross vs Net

19.02.2011 07:16:33

When it comes to an income, it is important to understand the differences between gross vs net income. From the point of view of consumers, gross vs net income understanding is very helpful in figuring out the amount that must be spent on regular expenditures such as monthly loan payments . For corporate purposes, understanding the types of income can determine the exact amount needed for the next purchasing cycle as well as keeping track of the generated revenue.

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Gross Loan Proceeds

12.02.2011 07:08:23

To understand gross loan proceeds, one should first define gross loans as a part of a credit process. A gross loan is a part of interest-earning equity that makes contribution to the net interest income . Gross loan proceeds are a net amount that a lender gives to a borrower under a loan contract .

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