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Gross Loan Portfolio

22.01.2011 06:39:50

Gross Loan Portfolio Microfinance

Gross loan portfolio microfinance is a general term that describes crediting services to those individuals or institutions that have low income or cannot access common bank services. In many cases, microfinance can balance the income of many individuals and institutions and can help them fight against their poor financial situation.

In general terms, the gross loan portfolio microfinance represents loans or other financial services to those in need. They usually operate with small sums of money if compared to the services provided by typical banking systems .

Gross Loan Portfolio Definition

A gross loan portfolio is an accumulation of all the MFI’s unpaid loans, including current, overdue and reorganized loans without accounting interest receivables.

Gross Loan Portfolio To Total Assets

When it comes to the assessment of a company’s value, the ratio of gross loan portfolio to total assets plays an important role. According to recent studies, this ratio differs significantly in companies with different degrees of disclosure. For example, high disclosure companies average 2.055 of the gross loan portfolio to total assets ratio , while low disclosure companies have the ratio of 2.045. This can be explained that the companies with high disclosure ethics have higher loans obligations . Perhaps, one of the reasons for this is that the companies borrow money from more organized lenders.

Yield on Gross Loan Portfolio

It is very important to have a chance to yield on gross loan portfolio in our financial crisis conditions. However, many investors have no idea of the dangers of fixed-rate bonds, since their interest rates may eventually rise.

If you are seeking steady returns, a fixed-rate bond may be a good option. However, there’s much more chances to yield on gross loan portfolio that have floating, flexible rates and that will pay you off a steady return.

What is Gross Loan Portfolio

Many financial institutions have their portfolio that ensures their stability and profitability. When issuing loans, such institutions build up their gross loan portfolio, which represents a collection of total active loans issued for a certain period.

Average Gross Loan Portfolio

An average gross loan portfolio is an average amount of MFI’s loans that most effectively address the issue of paying back the returns. At some stage of its activity, an MFI can change its terms and lower income as well as increase risks. This step can be done to strengthen the institution’s position on the market and attract new customers.

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