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Gross Loan Flows

26.02.2011 07:26:40

Gross Loan Flows Craig Haubrich

The paper ‘Gross Loan Flows’ has been prepared by economic advisors Ben R. Craig and Joseph G. Haubrich of Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Their aim was to show certain facts about gross loan flows and their influence on enhancing the banks’ role in today’s business management.

According to the data received, gross loan flows are really large with over 5% of the total amount of loans involved in each fiscal quarter. This amount is roughly 7 times higher than the loans’ net change each quarter.

Similar to loans, gross loan flows are centered on large financial institutions; however, smaller institutions have a higher percentage of creating and destructing than you may find out from their net loan growth . If a bank makes less than 10% changes in their loans, but double their loan portfolio, this makes 1/7 of new loans and over $1 in each 6th loan that isn’t substituted by the bank.

If we take a closer look at the business cycle, we will surely see that new loans creation have more capacity to expand while they tend to have fewer chances to recess. Destruction, on the contrary, tends to be higher in recession, while lower in expansion. If these terms are applied to net loan growth , you will see that this cyclical pattern remains almost stable.

The understanding of how gross flows work can help in solving employment relationships as well as improve banking system and make it more reliable and manageable.

What is Gross Loans

Gross loans can be defined as the total amount of loans issued to banks or other financial institutions over a certain period of time. The amount of gross loans is an important factor in determining bank’s liquidity, which closely relate to the refinancing sector.

As a rule, gross loans are given to commercial banks at a certain interest rate, which can fluctuate in accordance with the financial situation of the recipient bank and the type of services it provides.

Gross loans and their flows exist within not only loan categories , but also bank size categories and district units. According to a recent market analysis, gross loan flows have a cyclical behavior and greatly influence our banking system .

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