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Gross Income

30.04.2011 08:20:44

What is Gross Income

Gross income is a total income from all business activities in the monetary, material or immaterial forms. It includes the following:
  • Common funds received from selling products (goods or services)
  • Income from selling securities
  • Income from banking, insurance and other financial services
  • Income from trading foreign exchange assets, securities, or debt obligations
  • Income from joint activities in the form of dividends received from non-residents as well as the income from leasing operations
  • Income not accounted for while calculating the gross income during the periods prior to the reported one as well as the income from other sources and non-sales operations, including non-repayable financial aid donated by a company, unused funds returned from insurance reserves, penalties or fines received by the company as a result of the decision by relevant legal authorities, court, or arbitration
It’s no secret that the main indicator of company’s financial performance is its profit. The profit margins generally depend on the gross income and expenditures ratio.

In ordinary words, gross income is the revenue you get from product sales . It’s the sum of profits received from product sales or non-sales transactions minus the amount of the expenses for these transactions. The revenues may include non-operating income derived from equity involvement in company’s activities, leasing property, receiving interests from securities, amounts received and paid for damages, sales, etc.

Gross income is reduced by the amount you pay for rental services, salaries, and other equity involvement in company’s activities.

Gross Income Definition

Gross income is an important indicator characterizing company’s trading activity. It is usually defined as the revenue from sales minus taxes and the expenses for purchasing products.

The economic purpose of gross income lies in the cost recovery, income and payment of taxes and fees. Sales activities commonly form the main part of gross income.

This type of income is calculated by two main indicators: the absolute amount (in dollars) and its level (in %). The level of gross income is calculated as the ratio of gross income to the absolute amount of turnover multiplied by 100%.

Gross National Income

Gross national income is one of the most important economic indicators of the results of the national market’s functioning. It provides a rough estimation of yearly income per individual and usually comprises of the net income plus the receipts for goods or services sales, main production or industrial activities, material cost of producing and sell

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