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Fortune sides with him who dares.


Gross Loan is an established loan broker and independent financial center offering credit products to those in financial need. As an independent financial adviser, Gross Loan is committed to helping people in making the right choice amongst numerous loan programs available in banks and other financial institutions. Our mission is to assist you in getting the best loan terms that meet your specific needs.


We will stay committed to freedom, the freedom of your choice. Essential values, maximum results with optimal effort, come into play again. Not only does Gross Loan offer a range of services that help people to easily manage their financial environment, we are committed to improving our clients lives in the long run, that is why we offer leverage products and financial help to the highest standards of professionalism.

Quick and Free Online Loans Application

By taking advantage of our services, e.g. applying for a cash loan or credit card, you join the community with its primary concern not to the service alone, but rather to a unique manner of thinking. What distinguishes Gross Loan’s clients from other credit users is that they choose to have a quick and effective service focused on positive results.

Their perception of money makes them different from the rest of the world. They want to make money their servant rather than their master; and we believe that this is right. At last, you can be who you are! We, at Gross Loan, strive to understand your individual needs and circumstances: you are unique, so are we.

Quick and free online loans application

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    If you are facing lack of cash and need money before your next payday, apply online right here! Our online application process is easy and secure.
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    You will have a prompt response from the top US, UK, or Canadian lenders depending on the country you reside in.
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    After your application is approved and you select the lender offering the best terms, your cash will be promptly deposited directly into your bank account.


After you complete our free online loan application, you will have all the information from banks and other financial institutions necessary to make the right choice, be it a credit card, cash loan, mortgage, petty cash, or fixed interest loan. And this all is absolutely free of charge! Improve your credibility and build up your new reputation with Gross Loan - your trusted loan broker.


It’s really simple to get money using our service and make ends meet until your usual source of income is there.

The problem of financial monopolies

Huge, massive, somewhat monstrous credit institutions monopolize the market leaving us deprived of the freedom of choice. They seek to dominate the financial sector, manage the future. Hollow-hearted and soulless, banks strive to capture the entire market, jack up the actual loans cost and effective rates. As a trusted loan broker, Gross Loan will never give up in the face of obstacles and competition.

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Child Tax Credit

How to Get a Credit Card

Bad credit history

If you have a bad credit history, this should not stop you from applying to us. Every person deserves to have his or her second chance and we will give it to you! We will do our best to choose a loan with the lowest interest rate and with the most convenient repayment options and terms.

Well I think, and you will become rich

Gross Loan is not an ordinary service catered to each and everyone. It is aimed at those who can think outside the box and take a practical approach to the resources used and things consumed.

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